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    Tom Morel and Me


    Welcome to my Action Research site. I received the 2012 CP Square Community Development Award for my Action Research project on the  Company Command and Platoon Leader Communities of Practice while I was a graduate student in the Pepperdine University Masters of Arts in Learning Technologies (M.A.L.T.) program. I am an Army Officer and a member of the core support team for the “ON-FIRE” Company Command and Platoon Leader on-line Communities of Practice. The core support team is assigned to the Center for the Advancement of Leader Development and Organizational Learning (CALDOL), United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.

    I invite you to read my action research report either by continuing on this site below or download a copy of my final report here.

Casting Knowledge: An Action Research Project

Building an On-Line Community of Practice with LEADERCAST

The overall research question for my action research project is:

 How do I better connect new leaders to the experience in the field? How can ‚”I ” influence the role of Leadercast so that ‚ “We” as an organization help improve learning?

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Have you ever found a TED talk that was so engaging that you wished you could ask the speaker a question even though it had been filmed months or years earlier?

 Have you ever seen an interview that was so fascinating that you wanted to know more about that persons thought process behind the decisions made during that experience?

 Well now there is a way to do both……………….


What is a Leadercast?

A Leadercast is a digital video interview ( a form of digital storytelling) with an Army Platoon Leader (Lieutenant) or Company Commander (Captain) who shares their leadership experiences serving in combat. The video interview is then posted in the MILSPACE on-line Community of Practice for other members to view and interact with the interviewee further if they desire.

When community members cast off on their journey into the Leadercast forum they set off on a learning path as they watch an Army Officer sharing their experiences. The community member is “pulled” and guided along the learning path as they are offered more Leadercast videos about the topics they are interested in regarding leader experiences in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A shortened example of a Leadercast is posted below: